Skye Gets An Unreleased XXXTENTACION Verse From “VOICES”


It’s been over a year since the passing of XXXTENTACION but his estate has made sure his fans are still getting new music from him. Most recently, his voice was heard on up-and-coming rapper’s new single, “VOICES.” Skye might not be the most familiar name to most but he was the first signee to X’s Bad Vibes Forever label. The song digs into the emo-rape craze even deeper, especially with the Blink-182 “I Miss You” sample.

“One of the main things that X always told me was that in regards to songwriting [is] ‘what is real, will prosper,'” he told Billboard. “I made sure to channel that energy while writing and recording this record. It was actually a coincidence that we decided to flip a Blink-182 song called ‘I Miss You’ not knowing Jah’s fate at the time. This song serves as the perfect tribute to my bro who I miss dearly, and is in my thoughts every time I hear the track.”

Quotable Lyrics
Girl why you trying to save me
You should just save yourself
If I said that we could make it
I’d be lying to myself


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