Sleazy Sneaker Resellers Are Trying To Cash In On Kobe Bryant’s Death


Kobe Bryant’s signature sneakers are among the most popular basketball kicks, both in NBA circles and with fans who grew up watching the Black Mamba. In the aftermath of Bryant’s tragic death, Kobe stans, sneakerheads and casual fans alike will surely look to add another pair to their collection as they mourn the loss of the Laker legend.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few sleazy resellers who have jacked up the prices of their Kobe sneakers following the helicopter crash.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to Complex, some Kobe sneakers are already listed for more than 4x the amount that they typically resell for. For instance, Bryant’s “Dunk Contest” Adidas Crazy 97 EQT, which typically resells for an average of $280, just sold for $1,000. As a result, other resellers are starting to follow suit while Kobe supporters continue to grieve. 

In an effort to combat sellers capitalizing on Kobe’s passing, some consignment shops are implementing strict policies on all Kobe gear. Complex reports that Urban Necessities sent the following message to consignors on Monday.

“Due to the recent passing of Kobe Bryant and out of respect for his family and legacy, we will not allow price changes on Kobe items that are consigned. If you have increased prices on Kobe items, we will be reverting the price back to the original listing price. If you feel this is unacceptable and would like to request a return of your item(s), click the link below to login to your account, click “Dashboard” at the top and select “Return Request.”


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