Slim 400 Returns With “Shake Back” EP Ft. Young Dolph, G-Eazy, & More


At the end of the day, Slim 400 is just happy to be alive. The rapper nearly lost his life last summer after he was shot nine times, but after surviving against all odds, he hit the studio and came out with his new EP, Shake Back. On the tape, Slim explores his recovery and expresses his gratitude for being alive and getting back in the music game. The name of the EP, and his new era, also reflect this notion of bouncing back after a close call. Slim was pondering “how should I come back and just let them know like, yeah, I’m out of the hospital, what’s going on with me,” so he settled on those two words as the title. “From that [point] it was, all right, we’re going to call your sh*t Shake Back,” he explained. “The whole tape and my whole rollout, everything.”

“This tape right here, I just gave it my all for the little fact I should have been dead,” he said about the inspiration behind the project. “So once God gave me another life, I’m going to give him my all and show the world, my fans, like yeah, I ain’t going to disappoint you all this time — and I ain’t going to put you in that situation to be sad or crying over a n*gga. You feel me, none of that. It’s just going to be straight business, watching my behind out here in these streets and getting into the bread.” Check out Shake Back with features from Young Dolph, G-Eazy, Yella Beezy, Sada Baby, and more.

Shake Back Tracklist

1. One By One
2. Brackin Thru the Ghetto ft. Steelz & Sada Baby
3. She Won’t Leave Me Alone ft. G-Eazy, Derek King
4. All Access
5. Who Hate’n
6. She Want It ft. Steelz, Yella Beezy
7. John Doe ft. D3
8. Shake Back ft. Young Dolph
9. Dime a Dozen
10. No Spit ft. Big Quis
11. Hoe N*gga ft. Desert Baby
12. Martin Luther ft. Quincy White


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