Slim Thug Reveals He Beat Coronavirus


Slim Thug is back on his feet after battling the coronavirus. After revealing that he tested positive nearly a month ago, he has now tested negative for COVID-19. Taking to Instagram, he shared a photo of his most recent test results from April 20th, revealing that he’s no longer contagious and free of corona.

Roughly a month ago, Slim Thug took to Instagram where he revealed that he had contracted COVID-19, even though he said that he was following social distancing measures and took preventative measures. I got tested for Coronavirus yesterday and it came back positive. As careful as I’ve been, self-quarantine and staying home, I might’ve went to get something to eat or something or did some stuff like that,” he explained. “Simple stuff like that. Nothing crazy. Stayed in my truck. Had masks, gloves, everything on and my test came back positive.”

Slim Thug did, however, still do some big things to help out his community. Even with corona, he donated 1000 bottles of hand sanitizers to bus drivers in Houston. “I want our police officers and bus drivers to know that we appreciate their service during this tough time,” Slim said in a statement. “They have always been a huge part of keeping Houston going.”


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