Smino Links Up With T-Pain For Crazy “Klink (Remix)


As of this moment, there has yet to be an instrumental that Smino has failed to snap on. As one of the most innovative flow-spitters in the game, Smino’s ear for sniffing out new pockets remains unparalleled in sheer innovation — though if the “Klink (Remix)” is any indication, it’s possible the St. Louis rhymer has met his match. By now, tales of T-Pain’s own formidable rapping ability are well-traveled, and while he’s generally more inclined to hit you with the dulcet tones, that’s not to say he can’t keep up if the beat happens to call for it. 

While Smi’s opening verse remains largely unchanged, the spotlight is given ample room to shine on Teddy, who wastes little time in putting two feet up like he owns the place. “I told her I can shut the whole city down, gotta run into the store for the teepee, uh-huh,” he raps, showcasing not only a sweet flow, but a sharp mind for apocalyptic prevention measures. “Now she need me on a weekly basis, you ain’t gotta CC me, I just wanna see them freaky faces.”

Be sure to check out the entire She Already Decided mixtape right here, as there’s plenty more Smino excellence where that came from. 


Hookah, hookah, got her tootin’ that booty on up
I gotta do the duty, bring that booty to me
We just sex it up, we gonna fuck
I’m goin’ willy nilly, she go loosey-goosey
Put that juicy-juicy in the cup
I know she really feel it, she gon do it to me
I don’t wanna screw, screw it up


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