Smino Releases Surprise Project “She Already Decided” Ft. T-Pain, Bari, Sevyn Streeter


It’s a 4-20 that’s full of surprises including a new project from Smino titled She Already Decided. The St. Louis rapper laid out a vibe from the onset with a song that samples the Isley Brothers, letting listeners know that this one would pair with April 20th festivities. However, She Already Decided moves tempos and styles throughout, keeping fans on their toes for all 16 tracks. Cannabis company Select helped push the project forward, according to Fader, so enjoy the remainder of puff-puff-pass day with a new soundtrack.

As Smino continues to work with Noname and Saba to round out their Ghetto Sage trio, the artist has obviously been hitting the studio solo. She Already Decided also has a few guests as features including T-Pain, Sevyn Streeter, Bari, and Rizz Capolatti. Check out Smino’s surprise album and let us know which track stands out the most to you.


1. Fronto Isley
2. S.A.D. Lil Intro
3. Gotta List
4. Popeyes
5. Already
6. Cabbage (Freestyle)
7. Mike Jones w/ Rizz Capolatti
8. Kotton Kandy w/ Sevyn Streeter
9. Good Ol Julio
10. Blac Soda (Freestyle)
11. 2MuchFronto w/ Bari
12. Chips & Juice
13. O’HighO
14. Jamie Boxx (Freestyle)
15. Year of the Goat
16. Klink Remix w. T-Pain



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