Smokepurpp & Lil Skies Link Up For The “Dirty Dirty”


There’s a conundrum present on Smokepurpp and Lil Skies’ new duet “Dirty Dirty.” On one hand, the artwork’s visual aesthetic is cool, the Apex Martin & Diego Ave-produced beat enjoyable, and both rappers turn in solid performances. Yet between Smokepurpp and Lil Skies, the ability to string together a cohesive segue is nowhere to be seen. Prone to non-sequitur, both parties skate from topic to topic with seemingly little rhyme or reason; they’re liable to switch from diamond check listing to sexcapade chronicling to gun talking within a four-bar frame. 

And yet they’re clearly having a grand old time, and we can hardly fault them for their formula. Not when it’s this effective. For Purpp, the vibe and aesthetic have always been positioned at the forefront of his artistry, and “Dirty Dirty” succeeds in that regard. It can be thrown on and enjoyed in a mindless state and sometimes that’s all we need. Would you like to see more innovation from the young Purpple One moving forward?

Quotable Lyrics

Dirty dirty n***a, put my thumb in her butt
Lil shawty off the Henny so she wanna let me fuck
I got two twin Glocks, I don’t have noone to trust
Run my bands up, now they tryna wish me luck


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