Smoove’L Caught With Gun After Running Red Light: Report


As Brooklyn’s drill scene continues to flourish, rapper Smoove’L has slowly been one of the newcomers to keep an eye out for. He’s caught a serious buzz but unfortunately, in the midst of his success, he has found himself in some legal trouble. According to Page Six, the rapper was busted after being stopped by police for running a red light and caught a weapons charge.

Police said Smoove’L was driving in a black Suburban in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood when he ran a red light before 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday. Smoove’L’s vehicle reportedly had a strong scene of cannabis coming out of it which is what police said prompted their search. The rapper, who’s 19-years-old, was found with a loaded black Ruger in the vehicle. Police charged him with criminal possession of a weapon and summonses for traffic and drug offenses. 

The bust comes just days before he’s expected to release his forthcoming project, Boy From Brooklyn. Over the past few months, he’s unveiled new singles for the project such as “2020,” “Palm Angels,” “Just A Dream,” and “I’m The Sh*t.” 

Thus far, we haven’t heard anything from Smoove’L regarding his recent run-in with the law. It doesn’t look like this will have any impact on the release of Boy From Brooklyn but we do hope that he gets this all sorted out.



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