SNL Delivers Lil Nas X Parody Where He Twerks On God, Lil Nas X Reacts


Lil Nas X’s new track “MONTERO” has led to a lot of controversies. From the music video to the shoes that accompanied the visuals, everyone has been talking about Nas X and the lasting impact this video may or may not have. It’s a provocative piece of popular culture and with things blowing out of proportion in such a way, it was only a matter of time before people began to make parodies of it.

Last night, Saturday Night Live came through with such a parody as they had Chris Redd play the part of Nas X who was on a talk show with Britney Spears. In the parody, Spears asks Nas X to twerk on God as a way to redeem himself for doing the same thing with the devil. It was a pretty interesting display, and Nas X ended up responding to it with his usual snark.

“SNL going to hell,” he wrote simply. As you can imagine, the responses to the parody were fairly split as some felt like it was classless while others were pretty amused by the whole thing. 

Lil Nas X has become a polarizing figure in the world of music and that won’t be changing anytime soon. SNL has always had the same reputation, so it only makes sense that such a parody would come to fruition.

Lil Nas X