Snoop Dogg Blasts Racists Booking Agents: They “Don’t Want To See A Black Man Win”


Snoop Dogg is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated rappers of all times but it appears as though his business resume doesn’t get as much shine as it should. Snoop maintained his position in the rap game but he’s also been an incredibly active entrepreneur and investor over the years. Of course, he has cannabis products and also backed up some apps but the rapper also has his own booking agency, apparently. Unfortunately, it looks like there are some other booking agents who aren’t trying to see Snoop win out here.

 Phillip Faraone/Getty Images 

Snoop took to Instagram to put a few booking agents in the entertainment industry on blast. Snoop didn’t necessarily dish out on who he was speaking about but it appears as though he might soon. “Aye y’all. I’m about to put some words out about some punk ass mothafuckin’ agents in the music industry that don’t want to see a black man win as a booking agent. I be giving up names real soon and what company they with, you punk mothafuckas,” he said. “Don’t want to see a n***a win? ‘Cause I’m connected to a person of another ethnicity? ‘Cause I got a Mexican, a Latino working with me.”

It’s still unclear who Snoop is referring too but considering how upset he is in this video, we might find out soon.


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