Snoop Dogg Deems Donald Trump “Dumbo” After Kansas Gaffe


It must be immensely difficult sleeping at night knowing that Snoop Dogg actively dislikes you. This is Snoop Dogg, loved and respected by all walks of life, returning the admiration tenfold. And yet for those who fall afoul of Uncle Snoop’s temper, few can equal his wrath. The sting of the words hits differently coming from him, and for Donald Trump, one has to wonder if he’s grown used to them by now. On some “I’m rubber you’re glue” energy. Either way, that didn’t stop Snoop from clowning the U.S. President once again.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Following President Trump’s congratulatory tweet to Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, many were quick to notice a key geographical error in his assessment. Snoop himself didn’t even seem mad at the gaffe, simply disappointed. “Another tweet from DUMBO,” writes the Doggfather, evoking the 1941 Disney classic. “Take his damn phone.”

DJ Pooh slid into the comments to express his lack of astonishment over the mix-up. “I’m never shocked at the level of dumbassness,” he maintains, though clearly many remain astounded by Trump’s Twitter feed antics. Either way, it’s clear Snoop won’t be voting for the Donald come election time — one has to wonder for whom the Doggfather might cast his ballot. 


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