Snoop Dogg Gets Over 4 Dozen Joint-Bouquet For His Birthday


The Doggfather just turned 48 years old, and he celebrated his birthday in the most typical way. His friends brought him a customized bouquet filled with over 4 dozen joints. This type of gift probably isn’t very surprising for Snoop, who is known to love cannabis so much he probably smokes 4 dozen joints on a daily basis… 

The gift was a flower arrangement with 48 pre-rolled joints, created by the cannabis floral designer and artist, Leslie K Monroy. Some people at Snoop’s cannabis company, Merry Jane, witnessed her work at Flowers on Flowers and chose her to be the ultimate designer for Snoop’s special gift. The gift involved joints that were half-filled with Indica, while the other half was filled with Sativa. In addition to the normal plants, the bouquet even had 4 small weed clones and 8 tall ones. We don’t know whether Snoop remembers his birthday or not, but we’re sure he had a good time. You can view the weed bouquet by clicking here.

In other news, Snoop Dogg has really taken social media trolling to another level, as he spends his time making fun of Tekashi’s snitching ways, Kanye and Kim’s business decisions, while also finding the time to rap in Korean. He’s also recently been featured on the first episode of Rhythm + Flow: California Auditions, not without his joints of course. With all that, he’s still had time to make a whole new album, I Wanna Thank Me. 


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