Snoop Dogg’s Hair Reacts To L.A. Earthquake Before He Does


In the wee hours of the morning, an earthquake with a 3.7 magnitude hit Los Angeles. The “light shaking” occurred in South L.A., Inglewood, Culver City, and the L.A. International Airport, marking the second earthquake in a matter of 10 days that had a magnitude above 3.0. 

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Los Angeles residents immediately hit the ‘Gram to react to the earthquake as dishes and cars began shaking. However, while the rest of the L.A. area reacted to the earthquake, Snoop Dogg was sound asleep. He took to the ‘Gram recently explaining that he didn’t feel the earthquake at all. His hair, on the other hand, “gathered itself up” once the earthquake struck.

“They said we just had an earthquake. I didn’t feel shit,” Snoop said. “The fuck happened to my hair? We must’ve had an earthquake because my hair didn’t look like this when I went to bed. My hair must’ve got scared and gathered itself up to protect itself from the earthquake. I didn’t feel it.”

Ultimately, this train of thought only lasted for a little while before Snoop declared that he was going back to bed. Quarantine is clearly giving Snoop a well-deserved break from his regularly scheduled events but truthfully, it’s a bit alarming that his hair reacted to the earthquake before he did.

Peep Snoop Dogg’s hilarious Instagram clip below. 


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