Solange Knowles Gives Artsy Nine-Minute Medley Of “When I Get Home”


Earlier this year, Solange Knlowes shared her fourth studio album When I Get Home. What followed was an extensive visual album that was directed and edited by Solange herself, and since that time, the singer has continued to share her artistic project with fans. On Monday evening, Solange took to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon stage to perform a mini-concert medley of When I Get Home, including her tracks “Taking on the Light,” “Things I Imagined,” “Down with the Clique,” “Binz” and “Almeda.”

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

When I Get Home was a follow-up to Solange’s 2016 hit album A Seat at the Table. The singer shared with i-D that she crafted the record while she was undergoing treatment for an undisclosed autoimmune disorder. “Going through a transition where things were happening to my body that were out of my control, I got to the place where there was no fear surrounding my body, and it belongs to me in a whole new way, she stated. 

“I had a f*cking blast creating this album! I really wanted to create a space for joy and expression,” Solange added. “My last record [A Seat at the Table] was deeply personal, but it was no secret that I was working through a lot of sh*t. I was carrying a lot of weight and even though that’s something that doesn’t go away, I also feel like a lot of answers felt more inward this time and not outward.” Watch her When I Get Home medley on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon below.


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