Soulja Boy Calls Out Randy Orton & Jake Paul On Twitter: “You A B***h”


Soulja Boy isn’t done beefing with WWE’s Randy Orton. The iconic rapper went at Orton on Twitter, Sunday, threatening to “slap the shit” out of him live.

“WWE scared of me. And Randy organ pussy,” Soulja tweeted. “They big cap use somebody else name for ratings. I knew they was too fake to have me there I’ll slap the shit out dude live.”

“You a bitch @RandyOrton and I mean that Hundred points symbol pussy,” he added.

Soulja Boy, Randy Orton, Jake Paul
Chris McKay / Getty Images

This isn’t the first time that Soulja has taken his beef with Orton to Twitter. Earlier this month, he labeled the rap game “faker than WWE,” which prompted a response from Orton: “Fake? Dare this prick to step up. He dont like movies? Consider us actors that do stunts, without pads 200 days a year and don’t b*tch when we get surgically repaired and come right back. Consider us 100 times tougher then anyone you’ve come across. Aint nuthin but a b*tch ass…”

Soulja also called out YouTuber Jake Paul, saying he’s got to “get back for Nate [Robinson].”

“Still gon knock Jake paul out when I see him,” he wrote. “Gotta get that get back for Nate.”

Check out Soulja’s tweets below.