Soulja Boy Reflects On “Biggest Comeback” Two Years Later


Two years following his highly-publicized “biggest comeback” battle against Tyga, Soulja Boy appears to be picking up steam again as he reflects on the events of the last couple of years.

With his current single “She Make It Clap” going viral on social media as the #1 most-used sound on TikTok right now, Soulja Boy is back, making yet another comeback to the game. While he’s been relevant for the last decade and a bit, Big Draco always seems to capture the world’s attention when it’s least expected. “She Make It Clap” picked up organic attention after a dance challenge was created for the song, and it’s brought Soulja on a trip down memory lane.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Reflecting on the beginning of his “biggest comeback” two years ago, the rapper told his fans, “I got arrested April 11, 2019 while having the ‘biggest comeback’. I will never forget that day. Today is April 11, 2021 and ‘the biggest comeback’ continues but on a way better path with focus and no negative energy around me. I’m completely bossed up to a whole new level. God had my back the whole time and I’m thankful. Today I relax and celebrate and look how far I came since I been home.”


Despite some slip-ups in the last few weeks, losing his temper at Tory Lanez before explaining that he misunderstood the rapper’s comments about him, Soulja Boy has been on a great path as of late. The success of “She Make It Clap” is warranted and hopefully, he can follow it up with another hit.

Listen to his new song below.