Soulja Boy Says Famous Dex Troubles Are “Karma”: “A Whole Bunch Of Snake Sh*t”


This is a feud that has lasted years and Soulja Boy is speaking once again about Famous Dex, but this time he’s focusing on “karma.” Famous Dex and Soulja Boy have a longstanding relationship as Soulja has previously stated he’s the reason that Dex has a career. Back in 2019, the two were seen yelling at each other on Instagram Live during their infamous argument in front of a worldwide audience, and Soulja revisited his beef with the Chicago rapper.

Recently, Famous  Dex has caused concern as he has shared videos and photos of himself looking a tad out of it. Rich The Kid stepped in to send his friend to a rehab center, but after completing treatment, distressing images continue to circulate. There have also been allegations of domestic violence and the 27-year-old father has reportedly been hit with 19 charges. As Dex’s personal life and professional career seem to be on the line, Soulja reportedly spoke about Famous Dex’s circumstance in a current Live, and according to him, karma is coming for Dex.

“Karma, bruh. You know what I’m saying? You can’t do sh*t like that, bruh,” said Soulja Boy. “N*gga help you and help you get on. You can’t do sh*t like that, bruh. You know what I’m sayin’? If you come from the hood and a n*gga fly you to L.A. and you sleepin’ on they couch and a n*gga givin’ you free songs and a n*gga put you in they videos and you say that ‘I’mma sign to your label, I’mma be SOD Money Gang, I’mma be SOD.’ Then you turn around and go sign with another person behind that person back and just do a whole bunch of snake sh*t. You gon’ go out sad.”

“You can’t do sh*t like that,” the rapper continued. “You might get away temporarily for a couple months, a year or something you might be poppin’ or somethin’. But after that, it’s gon’ be over with. ‘Cause guess what? All the fans seen what you did, you see what I’m sayin’?” Watch his clip below.