Soulja Boy Unleashes His New Handheld Game Console


Soulja Boy is one of the most infamous artists of the Limewire era as he was able to game the system and make “Crank Dat” an international hit. Over the years, Soulja Boy has continued to be innovative in his own right and these days, he has been launching numerous projects to go with his entrepreneurial spirit. From the Soulja Watch to the Soulja Console, the artist has been delivering a ton of products although, over the years, some have complained that they never actually received their orders.

Regardless, Soulja Boy has pushed forward, and now, he has released a brand new product called the TRDR Pocket. Now, fans will be able to purchase a GameBoy-esque product that features numerous games on it. The TRDR Pocket is already on sale, and fans seem to be pretty excited about it all.

Soulja Boy

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET

There is already a promotion on the website for 5 percent off, which will certainly entice some people to go out and buy it. At this point, no one knows for sure how well this thing will work although, after his experience with the Soulja Console, we’re sure the artist has worked out the kinks.

Let us know if you plan on buying one of these, in the comments section below.