“South Park” Uses Randy Savage’s Likeness To Mock Trans Athletes


Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been at the center of various controversies over the years thanks to their animated TV show South Park. The show has made fun of anybody and everybody over the years and they haven’t held back on the comedy. It seems like no topic is off-limits to them and in a brand new episode called “Board Girls,” the show tackles one of the growing conversations in the sports community.

The transgender community has seen an increase in visibility over the years and while this is a great thing, there have certainly been those with some negative viewpoints. One of the topics that people seem to be ignorant of is trans women competing with other women in sports. With this latest episode, South Park offers up an exaggerated view of this topic by putting it in the context of a weightlifting competition.

As you can see from the clip above, one of the female characters is confident about winning the competition until a person who looks like Randy Savage appears on the screen. The Macho Man lookalike claims to be a woman and immediately takes control of the entire event.

For a couple of years now, some women have expressed concern in something like this happening although if you’ve been paying attention, cases like this never actually happen. Regardless, South Park is a comedy show and this is what they’re supposed to do, even if their facts may just be a tad off.


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