Southside Claims Offset Tried To Rob Lil Uzi Vert


Last night, Lil Uzi Vert and Yung Miami engaged in a tense Instagram Live session, during which the pair made it abundantly clear that they don’t have much fondness for one another. Given that Uzi is currently in a relationship with Miami’s City Girls partner JT, it’s likely part of what drove them to speak on Live in the first place. Alas, all the conversation appeared to do was further embroil existing conflicts, as well as inflaming new ones — namely, between Lil Uzi and Southside, who has a child with Yung Miami.


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Clearly displeased over the way Lil Uzi spoke with Miami, Southside proceeded to put the Eternal Atake rapper on blast, going so far as to threaten him with an on-sight beatdown. “I’mma say this one time. Ay, Uzi, don’t address none to my b*tch,” Southside said, in a clip that has been circulating on social media. “You handle your bitch, you stay on your side. You got one more time to say somethin’. I promise you I’mma punch your teeth out your mouth…If you don’t like my bitch, don’t like my bitch…Stay the little weirdo you is, keep rockin’ purses, keep doin’ that bitch shit you doin’.”

While much has already been made of Southside’s threats — check out some of the reactions to beef right here — another moment from the heated exchange has sparked interest. As it happens, Southside claimed that Lil Uzi Vert would have been robbed by Offset were it not for his own intervention. “I’m the same n**ga that saved you from getting robbed from Offset and them, don’t forget that,” he warned. “I’m the same ni*ga. I was the only ni**ga that had blicks in the studio. I’m the same ni*ga that kept you from getting your jewelry took.”

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As he did not elaborate in the heat of the moment, many have been left speculating as to when this alleged altercation between Offset and Lil Uzi Vert might have taken place. It should be noted that the pair of “Bad And Boujee” collaborators previously nursed animosity toward one another after Offset called Uzi out for wearing an upside-down cross back in 2017. “All y’all n*ggas wearing upside-down crosses, even my little partners, stop that sh*t,” he stated, back in 2017. “You look lame. All that worship the devil sh*t. Get with God man.” 

Check out Southside’s accusation below. As of now, Offset has yet to acknowledge his presence in the conversation, nor has Lil Uzi Vert come forward to respond to Southside’s ire.