Southside Responds To Father’s Accusations: “He Wasn’t Nowhere Around”


Nobody wins when the family feuds, or so Jay-Z says, but Southside’s father didn’t get the memo. We previously reported on the scathing messages the famed producer’s father uploaded to his Instagram Story and he aired out all of their dirty laundries. “Tattoos on your face and carrying guns don’t make you a gangster. Real gangsters don’t choose to be gangsters, we don’t have a choice. It comes from growing up poor. You a RICH B*TCH that betrays everybody that helped you become rich & famous,” Southside’s father wrote. “You lieing to the WORLD like you did it all by your self. I’m telling the TRUTH ABOUT YOU. @808mafiaboss.”

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Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

He also accused Southside of slapping and spitting on his sister and neglecting his grandfather. The producer stands accused of living a life of luxury while his family struggles, and after the messages went viral, Southside took to Instagram Live to respond. He brought on his uncle who said that Southside’s father didn’t teach him how to make beats, as he said, and the producer’s father wasn’t in Southside’s life.

“He wasn’t nowhere around,” said Southside. “You 50-years-old. You supposed to be proud of your son. I didn’t did nothin’ to you for you to be dissin’ me. He talkin’ ’bout I beat Tiara up and all this other stuff. Trippin’.” Swipe below to watch Southside and his uncle set the record straight.