Southside’s Baby Mama Slams Him For Skipping Child Support & Trash Talking Her


Southside and City Girls’ Yung Miami welcomed their adorable daughter Summer back in October marking Yung’s second child but first with her producer boyfriend. Southside has six other children and one of his baby mothers named Ashley has now publicly slammed him for leaving her high and dry with their one-year-old son. 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

According to Ashley, she and Southside (born Joshua Howard Luellen) met through his cousin and after “hitting it off” they went their separate ways. Ashley found out that she was pregnant and after doing a DNA test she was able to confirm the baby was Southside’s. Apparently, Southside has barely helped when it comes to child support of their son. Ashley claims that the last amount of money she’s received was last summer when he sent her $7,500 to get an apartment. 

“I reach out to his manager and [Josh] unblocked me and started talking shit like, ‘oh you a bum bitch, here’s my receipts, this is all you’re gonna get.'” she explained of her interaction with Southside. “You don’t need to talk to me like that! He thinks because he has all this money, he’s God and he can talk to anyone any type of way.” The dispute has lead to Southside’s mom coming for Ashely on Instagram accusing her of lying about the situation. Keep it locked for updates. 


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