“Space Jam: A New Legacy” Gets Its First Official Trailer: Watch


When fans found out that LeBron James would be starring in a new Space Jam movie, there were a ton of split reactions. Many were excited about this new prospect, while others were upset that an iconic movie would be getting a reboot, for seemingly no good reason. Regardless, LeBron is an international superstar and the prospect of a new Space Jam movie is exciting, especially after what we’ve been through over the past year.

Well, this morning, the first official trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy was finally unveiled. In the clip below, LeBron can be seen being sucked into the server verse, where he ends up becoming a cartoon version of himself alongside the Looney Tunes. That’s when he is challenged to a game of basketball against the Goon Squad.

There are some pretty great references in here, including LeBron trying to form a super team with the Iron Giant and Superman. Eventually, however, LeBron is forced to play with the regular cast of Looney Tunes characters. Lola Bunny does her best D-Wade impression at one point, and if you’re a basketball fan, you can’t help but crack a smile.

While LeBron haters might not be moved by the trailer, there is no denying this looks fun, and for now, it is set to release on July 16th of this year.

LeBron James

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images