“Spawn” Star Michael Jai White Shares Reservations About Reboot: “I Don’t Get It”


There have been plenty of films that are being rebooted, remade, and revisited, and over the last few years, Todd McFarlane has tried his hand at getting another adaptation of his comic Spawn back on the scene. The artist and Image Comics founder wants to see Spawn back on the big screen, but every glimmer of hope gets hit with a setback. At one time there were rumors that both Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner were interested in joining the cast of the phantom film, but still, nothing has been set in stone, even with Blumhouse Productions eyeballing the potential project.

Back in 1997, Spawn hit theaters with actor Michael Jai White portraying the superhero. Other cast members included John Leguizamo, Martin Sheen, and Theresa Randle, and although White starred in the late-nineties flick, he recently told ComicBook that he’s completely confused by McFarlane’s vision for the could-be film.

“I don’t know anything about it. He’s been talking about a reboot of Spawn for 20 years,” White said. “I think he will continue talking about it because people listen. I don’t understand it, personally. I wish him the best of luck. But, Todd explained to me that this will be a character that you didn’t see. You never see the character. It’s just a character that’s scarcely on film. Personally, I don’t get it.”

There could be a number of reasons why McFarlane keeps running into obstacles when it comes to getting this movie off the ground, and White shared his thoughts on why things may not be materializing. “I would think a Spawn movie would cost a lot of money, right? And if there’s somebody giving Todd McFarlane, a man who’s never directed a movie that much money, that will be a first in my experience. I’ll believe it when I see it.” He later added, “I wish him the best of luck, but doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.” Check out Spawn‘s epic trailer below.

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