Spotify Wrapped Results Are Out & Twitter Says It’s Rigged


At the end of every year, Spotify subscribers celebrate finding out what their most listened to songs were for the last 365 days, while Apple Music people bitterly watch from the sidelines, and this year was no different. Last night, Spotify released their annual Spotify Wrapped results for each user, and Twitter is having a field day with it. 

This year, Spotify added a couple new features to their Wrapped video and so far the reactions have been mixed. The new additions include letting subscribers know when they streamed their most listened to song for the first time and the last time. The annual summary also now includes podcast listens and quizzes.

Love it or hate it, a running consensus on Twitter at the moment is that some people’s results aren’t entirely accurate. Many are sharing their most streamed titles, disclosing that they hardly even listened to said song or artist. While it’s definitely possible that subscribers are simply disappointed in and surprised by their own music taste, or were hoping for results they’d be prouder to share on social media, a Spotify conspiracy theory is materializing as we speak, suggesting that Spotify intentionally planted big name artists into users’ Wrapped results, including Drake and Ariana Grande.