“Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” Drops Nostalgic Final Trailer


For Disney, Star Wars is somewhat of a golden goose, destined to lay egg after egg until the money ceases to flow. And given that there are still numerous films planned, as well as the beginning of a Disney+ television universe, that fertile-ass Goose certainly has her work cut out for her. Last night, the final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker graced Monday Night Football screens, and it wasted little time in sparking waves of nostalgia for longtime fans.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Strategically placed shots of Lando Calrissian, the Millennium Falcon, John William’s iconic score, and of course, that wily Emperor, complete with a brand new groove. Though we haven’t yet seen Ian McDiarmid’s powerhouse villian in the flesh, all signs point to his presence looming large over our heroes – to what degree his influence might strike has yet to be revealed. Still, it should be nice seeing a vet like him chew scenery once more. If we’re lucky, he’ll even fire off some of that force lightning he once patented back when Ewoks ran rampant. 

Check out the trailer below, and be sure to cop those advance tickets while you still can. They’re already selling out, and we can only imagine the theatres will be packed like sardines come December 20th. Are you excited for this one?

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