Stefon Diggs Vows To Discover Who Lizzo’s Man On The Vikings Really Is


By now, we all know the line on Lizzo’s hit song “Truth Hurts” when she raps “new man on the Minnesota Vikings,” but have you ever thought to yourself who she in fact was speaking about? Well it turns out Stefon Diggs and several other players on the Vikings team are curious to know who Lizzo was talking about too. In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, the Vikings star wide receiver was asked if he had any insider information on who the mystery player could be, which he didn’t know unfortunately.

“I’ve been wanting to ask her that question since I heard the song. I need to know,” Diggs told SI. He added that he had already done some investigating himself, asking around the locker room to see if anyone has any leads. 

“Nobody has come forth and said anything… I’ve asked my teammates, nobody has said anything. But we’re going to get to the bottom of it, I promise,” he added.

It’s quite possible that Lizzo wasn’t actually being literal in her popular track, but instead just used a reference that fit perfectly with her hometown. If you didn’t know, Lizzo has lived in Minneapolis after moving there from Houston in 2011. 

Check out the clip (below).


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