Steph Curry Addresses His Future With The Warriors


Warriors star Stephen Curry spoke candidly about his future in Golden State, this week, with just one more year on his current contract following this season. The three-time NBA Champion says his priority is staying with the Warriors; however, he admitted that anything can happen.

“It’s always been a priority [to stay with the Warriors],” Curry said. “… You never know what can happen, obviously. But I feel like that’s always been something that would mean so much to me.”

Steph Curry, Warriors
Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Curry also referenced Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki who both spent their entire careers with one team.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr recently spoke about how well Curry is performing this year, admitting that he is still “in awe” of his skill:

“It seems like every night, even though I say nothing surprises me, I’m still in awe of the shot-making,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “It’s just incredible. The level of confidence and skill is just stunning. It’s beautiful to watch. It’s a man at the peak of his powers with a lifetime of training and work, and not just on his body, but on his mind. This is a guy who is functioning at a level that very few human beings ever function at in their particular field. It’s just beautiful to watch.”

The Warriors are currently 28-28 and in 9th place in the Western Conference Standings.