Steph Curry Reacts To Warriors’ Blowout Loss To The Clippers


Heading into this season, the Golden State Warriors were already at a disadvantage. They don’t have Kevin Durant anymore, all while Klay Thompson is out with an ACL injury. Moving on from there, the team just isn’t as good as they were a season ago and NBA fans are ready to pounce on them as soon as they show just a tiny bit of weakness. Last night, the Golden State Warriors played their first game of the season against the Los Angeles Clippers and in the end, they ended up losing in a blowout by the score of 141-122.

Kawhi Leonard dominated the Warriors all game long while the Clippers struggled to keep shooting at a proper pace. It was a disastrous start for a team trying to make an impression in their first game in San Francisco. After the game, Curry spoke about the loss and according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, he was well aware of the team’s shortcomings.

“Easy answer is it’s one of 82. But there were some glaring things we need to correct to win basketball games,” Curry admitted. As the Warriors continue throughout the season, they will be looking to build some much-need chemistry. It’s been a tough start to the season but they can certainly string together some wins.

Needless to say, if this kind of defensive effort becomes a mainstay, then the Warriors are in a lot of trouble.


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