Steph Curry Suffers Broken Hand After Colliding With Phoenix Suns Player


The wave of bad luck continues to sweep the Golden State Warriors as Steph Curry is the latest star player on the team to suffer an injury. There were a little over eight minutes remaining in the third quarter when Curry collided with Phoenix Suns center Aron Baynes. Upon falling, Baynes landed on Curry’s hand, and it was obvious that something was terribly wrong because Curry stayed on the ground assessing the pain.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Warriors called a time out and Curry made his way to the locker room. After an inspection, the California team’s general manager, Bob Myers, shared that Curry suffered a fracture in the bone beneath his index finger. He’ll undergo an MRI and CT scan, according to ESPN, to determine what the next move will be. Additionally, Kevon Looney will be out for the next few games due to a neuropathic condition while Klay Thompson is still on the mend from an ACL knee injury.

“Obviously it’s been a tough start for us on many levels,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr stated. “So, we’re just trying to find our footing. And obviously this puts us in a tough spot. So we’ll assess it, and we’ll go from there.” He added, “Just one of those things. Aron Baynes came up after the game and just wanted to know how Steph was doing. You could tell he felt really bad. It was just a random basketball play, so stuff happens.”

“It’s hard,” Draymond Green told Marc Spears of The Undefeated. “Makes things even harder, but just got to keep playing and trying to figure it out. I just wish we got one practice with our team. One practice. We didn’t even get one practice. Not a single one.” Green added, “It’s unfortunate [to have] another one of our guys going down, one of our leaders. It’s tough. Hopefully, it’s [something] where he don’t need surgery, kind of get back sooner rather than later. But we’ll find out more when he gets the tests done.”


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