Stephen A. Smith Announces Huge Change At ESPN, Fans React


Stephen A. Smith is one of the most popular sports talk personalities in the world and at this point, he transcends sports. People who don’t even know who Smith is can recognize him because of all the memes centered around him on social media. Overall, Smith is an icon who will always be beloved (and hated) by sports fans everywhere. As an employee of ESPN, Smith has been a fixture on First Take and his very own radio show which is named after him.

Today, Smith took to Twitter where he announced that his time hosting the Stephen A. Smith Radio Show is coming to an end. This week will be his last run of shows and then he will simply become a contributor. Smith will remain as a co-host on First Take, which let’s be honest, is all that matters.

This news came as a bit of a surprise to fans who have been listening to Smith’s show for years. Smith has been a fixture on the radio and his show has provided us with some of the best Stephen A. memes to date. Many fans took to Twitter in the aftermath of this news and questioned what this could mean for Smith moving forward.


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