Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Haters Over Colin Kaepernick Stance: Watch


Colin Kaepernick quickly became one of the biggest stories in sports this past week when it was revealed that he would be doing a private workout for NFL scouts. Fans were excited about this opportunity because it meant there was an outside chance Kap could get back into the league. Unfortunately, the whole thing became a massive sideshow as the league forced Kaepernick to a sign a waiver he didn’t want to. In the end, Kap moved the workout to a high school and only seven teams showed up.

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith has been quite critical of Kaepernick’s actions this weekend and how they will affect him moving forward. As you can imagine, there has been plenty of pushback against Smith with some people saying he is giving in to what the NFL wants and that he isn’t supportive of the black community.

On First Take today, Smith went on a lengthy rant where he established his opinion on the matter and questioned those who were calling out his “blackness.” Since Smith was giving an opinion outside the norm, some took issue with him but he was quick to remind everyone of where his values lie which is quite commendable.

Moving forward, this Kaepernick situation has the potential to get even more complex so it will be curious to see how Smith reacts to the shifting narrative.


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