Stephen A. Smith Clowns Cowboys Fans After Thanksgiving Day Loss


While they may be considered to be “America’s Team,” there is no team that is more fun to hate than the Dallas Cowboys. Every year, their fans claim they will win the Super Bowl when in reality, they’re just a mediocre squad with limited chances to actually win a playoff game come January. This season, the Cowboys started off strong with a 3-0 record but in the last nine games, they have gone 3-6 for an overall record of 6-6. It’s a sad state of affairs yet somehow, they remain atop the NFC East.

Perhaps the biggest Cowboys hater in sports media is Stephen A. Smith who takes every opportunity to make fun of the fans. Today was no exception as last night, the Cowboys lost to the Buffalo Bulls on Thanksgiving Day. Donning a Cowboy hat and sharp suit, Smith addressed Cowboys fans and kindly told them their team stinks.

It has to be frustrating to be a Cowboys fan at this point especially when you consider all the slander they receive on a regular basis. This isn’t Smith’s fault, though. He knows this will get fans riled up and just by looking at his Twitter replies, mission accomplished.

If the Cowboys continue to lose and somehow miss the playoffs, Smith’s antics are going to get even more exaggerated and in all honesty, we’re here for it.


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