Stephen A. Smith Clowns The Cowboys In Front Of Military Members: Watch


Stephen A. Smith hates no NFL team more than the Dallas Cowboys. It’s not really much of a secret at this point as he is continuously ripping into them on shows like First Take, his radio show, and even his Twitter account. If Smith has an opportunity to clown on the Cowboys, you better be certain that he’s going to do it. Of course, yet another opportunity to rip on the Cowboys presented itself this morning as the First Take crew took their show to a military base in support of the troops.

Prior to the show, Smith got a chance to address the military members in the crowd and asked them how they let the Cowboys become “America’s Team?” It’s a pretty solid question that ended up getting a ton of laughs from those in the stands.

Smith’s distaste for the Cowboys truly has no endgame although for now, they seem primed and ready to go on a playoff run this year. They currently sit at a record of 5-3 and are first place in the struggling NFC East. If they continue to play well, Smith is going to have to keep talking about them which will definitely never stop being hilarious.

Hopefully, there weren’t too many Cowboys fans in the crowd.


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