Stephen A. Smith Delivers Blasphemous Patrick Mahomes Take: Watch


Stephen A. Smith has some pretty out-there opinions sometimes. When it comes to shows like ESPN’s First Take, a debate is the number one premise. This means there isn’t much space for the co-hosts to agree with one another. This need for debate can manifest in some pretty interesting ways. Sometimes, it leads to some pretty bizarre statements that are backed up with a lot of mental gymnastics. Usually, it’s Max Kellerman who is delivering these takes although yesterday, it was Smith’s turn.

During a conversation about Patrick Mahomes, Smith revealed that he thinks Alex Smith could have gone to the Super Bowl with this Chiefs team. The First Take host thinks anyone could have succeeded with Mahomes’ weapons and that we should pump the breaks on calling Mahomes the best in the world.

Kellerman and Orlovsky appeared genuinely shocked by the admission as they sat at their desks dumbfounded by what they had just heard. Kellerman jumped off the ledge and said Mahomes could be the greatest quarterback ever while Orlovsky said Mahomes is impossible to explain. Either way, it seems as though all three men can’t agree on this subject and it made for an entertaining segment.

Do you think Smith is right or is he way off on this one?


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