Stephen A. Smith Goes Scorched Earth On The Lowly Knicks: Watch


Ever since the days of Patrick Ewing in the mid-90s came to an end, the New York Knicks have been a struggling franchise in a huge market. If it weren’t for the fact that the team is in New York, they probably would have either moved or folded by now because the product on the court has been so painfully awful. Over the last few years, it’s been quite obvious that the Knicks are trying to tank so they can load up on draft picks and eventually build a contending team.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in some pretty awful results over the last two seasons and last night, yet another occurred. The Knicks dropped to 2-8 on the season as they fell by 21 points to the Cleveland Cavaliers who are supposed to be just as bad of a team. Sports analyst and frequent angry person, Stephen A. Smith saw this game and unleashed yet another epic rant on his radio show.

As you probably know, Smith has always been a huge fan of the New York Knicks but over the years, they have hurt him with their horrendous play out on the court. It’s become increasingly difficult for him to defend the team and after that embarrassing loss to the Cavaliers, it appears as though Stephen A. had had enough.

In all honesty, we really can’t blame him. The Knicks have truly been a disaster as of late.


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