Stephen A. Smith Hilariously Blasts Wale Over Steelers Slander: Watch


Stephen A. Smith is one of the funniest sports analysts on TV and is always roasting his guests for which sports teams they support. It’s very easy for Smith to dish out the slander but sometimes, he’s not so good at getting it thrown back in his face. This very concept was on full display today as First Take welcomed Wale onto the show. If you’re a fan of the “On Chill” rapper, then you know just how much he loves his Washington sports teams.

During their segment, Smith began roasting the Redskins and their owner Dan Snyder. The team hasn’t been relevant for a while and Stephen A. made sure to rub it in Wale’s face. That’s when the artist clapped back by asking about how bad the Steelers have been this season. Smith didn’t like his team being questioned and began to unleash on the Wizards who aren’t looking too good ahead of the NBA season.

Wale made sure to get in a few digs at the New York Knicks which, of course, had Smith getting even more animated. Overall, the clip is pretty great and shows exactly what happens when you get two struggling fans in the same room together. Hopefully, both of these men can find peace as the NBA season commences next month.

With a bit of luck, the Wizards and Knicks can finish 10th and 11th instead of the 14th and 15th.


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