Stephen A. Smith Melts Down Over “Blasphemous” Nick Saban Takes


Nick Saban is a legendary head coach and during his time with the Alabama Crimson Tide, he has been able to win numerous National Titles and Division Championships. You won’t find a coach that’s more accomplished in the game right now although when you’re at the top, there will always be people trying to bring you down. For instance, Alabama hasn’t been perfect this season and has actually lost two games which is rare for them. Their first loss was against SEC rival LSU while their second loss was to another rival in Auburn. 

These losses have some people claiming that Saban isn’t a good coach anymore and that his time in Alabama is coming to an end. Avid Crimson Tide fan Stephen A. Smith thinks these takes are insane and let his feelings be known of First Take today. Smith’s rant was so good that it might be one of his best this year.

Smith’s co-hosts seemingly got a kick out of what he was espousing. Despite the theatrics of his take, he certainly had the most reasonable response of anyone on the show. Kellerman claimed Saban was done and Smith was simply having none of it. A 10-2 season isn’t even close to grounds for dismissal so it’s shocking to see all of these hot takes.

While it will be refreshing to see Alabama outside of the Final Four this year, it’s still bizarre to see so many people calling for the firing of Saban.


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