Stephen A. Smith & Michael Irvin Deliver Explosive Cowboys Debate: Watch


Stephen A. Smith is known for being a wonderful objective sports journalist who looks at the world of athletics from a fair and honest point of view. When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, Smith delivers his opinions with a hatred that can only be explained by the fact he had to put up with Cowboys apologist Skip Bayless for a decade. Smith’s opinions on the Cowboys have been consistently questioned by the likes of Michael Irvin who, of course, is a Cowboys legend.

The two are constantly sparring about the Cowboys on ESPN’s First Take and this was especially true this morning as the Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles last night in convincing fashion. Irvin came into the show with a purpose as he continued to rub the Cowboys win in the face of Smith, who couldn’t do anything but just sit there and take it.

As you can see from the clips above, Irvin was in an explosive mood and thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious. Smith laughed at times and tried to get a word in edge-wise but it was too late as Irvin had practically already won. 

With the win, the Cowboys are now 4-3 on the season and have sole possession of first place in the NFC East. Meanwhile, Smith’s Steelers have been struggling all season without Big Ben.



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