Stephen A. Smith Receives Hilarious MC Name From Method Man


Stephen A. Smith is one of the sports world’s most beloved figures especially when it comes to the sports talk television space. Smith is always coming through with outrageous hot takes and because of his profile, he is able to befriend celebrities and have them on his show. Recently, Method Man was on First Take and he was there to talk about his favorite NFL team, the New York Jets. Of course, Smith and Method Man had some pretty hilarious back and forths throughout the episode and afterward, Method Man stuck around for an extra segment.

In the clip below, the rapper discusses what he would call Smith if he were an MC. After some deliberation, Method Man decided that the best moniker for Stephen A. would be “Lil Stevie.”

No one has referred to Smith as “Stevie” so calling him “Lil Stevie” is definitely a bit of a violation. Either way, it sounded pretty funny coming out of Method Man’s mouth and we can only imagine what Smith would sound like if he was actually a rapper. Based on his old school approach to sports, he would definitely be more of a lyrical 90s MC.

What do you think of this rap nickname? Does it suit Smith or should he be called something else?


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