Stephen A. Smith Reveals His Top 5 Teams In The NBA, Twitter Reacts


Another season of NBA basketball is upon us which means another year of debate is about to follow. For months, we will be subjected to numerous arguments about which teams are truly the best in the league and which players have proven their worth despite wavering sample sizes. The season hasn’t even started yet and some pundits are declaring which teams are the best in the entire league. Stephen A. Smith is one of those analysts and today, he put out his signature A-List on ESPN’s First Take.

Smith has been proven wrong before but based on his selections, he has made some solid points, although things can change very quickly. At number five, Smith had the Houston Rockets who were followed by the Denver Nuggets at four. From there, the Philadelphia 76ers snagged third, the Los Angeles Clippers were second and surprisingly, the Lakers first.

The Lakers are an unproven team as of right now considering they missed the playoffs last season. With Anthony Davis on the roster, they will certainly be a much better team but they still have a lot to prove before they can be crowned the best in the league.

NBA fans were quick to comment on Smith’s list and promptly criticized his predictions. Let us know in the comments who you think are the best teams in the NBA.


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