Stephen A. Smith Reveals Kyrie Irving Is Getting Bad Rap In Brooklyn


Kyrie Irving has had a reputation of being a player who can be difficult to deal with from time to time. The narrative that surrounds him is quite unfortunate although you can’t help but feel like he could at least do something to counteract it. Irving’s problems were heavily publicized while he was playing with the Boston Celtics and it eventually led to his departure from the city. Now, Kyrie is on the Brooklyn Nets and is in charge of carrying the team until next season when Kevin Durant returns from injury.

During today’s episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith spoke about Kyrie’s tenure in Brooklyn and how it’s already off to a rocky start. As Smith explains, he has been hearing rumblings of a rift between Kyrie and upper management which has resulted in some negative feelings from those involved.

We are barely 15 games into the season which means one of two things can happen. Irving’s relationship with the team can improve or it can get drastically worse. If you’re a Nets fan, this should certainly be some cause for concern especially since Smith isn’t the first person to report on such a rift.

Only time will tell whether or not Irving’s tenure in Brooklyn will be fruitful or full of heartbreak.


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