Stephen A. Smith Reveals Who Colin Kaepernick Should Sign With


Colin Kaepernick has been making waves over the last week due to the news that broke just a couple of days ago, confirming he would be working out for NFL teams in Atlanta on Sunday. This is a huge development that many are curious about especially as it pertains to whether or not he gets a second chance at NFL glory. Many people out there believe this is a glorified publicity stunt while others truly believe it will lead to his second opportunity in the league.

During yesterday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith gave his opinion on this latest saga in Kap’s story and even explained who he thinks is the best fit right now. As he explains, the Chicago Bears would be the best option for the former star.

Smith makes a good point as the Bears are facing some serious problems at the quarterback position. Mitch Trubisky has been pretty abysmal under center this year and fans are starting to lose patience. If the team were to sign Kaepernick, it’s safe to say the team would be reinvigorating itself.

For now, this workout could serve Kaepernick well for next season but it remains to be seen if any good actually comes out of it.


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