Stephen A. Smith Rips Houston Astros Apart In Light Of Cheating Scandal


Stephen A. Smith has always been one of the most animated personalities in sports media and that seems to always shine through when he’s angry about a particular topic or team. His anger was able to truly shine through today when he began to discuss the Houston Astros. For those who haven’t been paying attention, the Astros have been accused of cheating and stealing signs during their huge championship run back in 2017. Not to mention, the team has caught quite a bit of flack for supporting an alleged abuser in Roberto Osuna.

Smith went off on First Take this morning as he went through all of the issues the Astros have gone through over the last year, including how they blew it in the 2019 World Series. Stephen A. had virtually nothing nice to say about the team and even referred to them as a “national embarrassment.”

It is important to note that Smith is a New York Yankees fan. This is significant because the Astros have dominated the Yankees over the last few years and fans in New York have been sick and tired of Houston’s reign of terror.

With these latest cheating allegations in mind, Yankees fans must be having a pretty good week.


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