Stephen Curry Praises The WNBA For Its Social Justice Efforts


As news continues to roll in surrounding last summer’s protests against police brutality, the WNBA is getting some major recognition for the way it approached activism in 2020. In a feature for the Los Angeles Times, the publication proclaimed that “No league was more essential to the social justice movement in 2020 than the WNBA.”

Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry caught wind of the article and reposted it to his Instagram, captioning it, “Read it again.”

Curry continued to applaud the WNBA’s social justice work by saying, “Thank you to the women and girls in sport who continue to demand more, and do more, for Black lives and Black culture.” Throughout the social unrest of last summer, the WNBA used every chance it had to promote diversity and inclusion, and whenever the league made a decision, the players and ownership stood in solidarity.

Curry’s public support is a good look for the WNBA, which typically doesn’t get much praise from other NBA stars. The late Kobe Bryant was one of the WNBA’s biggest supporters, as he often publicly championed the league’s players and developments. Since his passing, fellow Los Angeles Laker Lebron James also expressed interest in owning the Atlanta Dream, which is quite ironic considering his recent spat with Courtside Karen.

The intersection of sports and activism is a major point of contention for sports fans, so what are your thoughts on the WNBA’s avid push for social justice?