Stephen Jackson: NBA Teams Received A Mass Text, “Don’t F*ck With Carmelo”


A number of current and former NBA veterans have shown support for Carmelo Anthony as he continues to search for a spot on an NBA roster.

The latest players to speak out in favor of the 10-time All Star are Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, both of whom spoke about the disrespect thrown Melo’s way during a recent episode of their “All the Smoke” podcast. Jackson specifically expressed a strong belief that teams across the league have been informed, “Do not fuck with Carmelo.” 

Elsa/Getty Images

Says Jackson:

“It’s a mass text that’s sent out to every team, every team’s CC’d, ‘Don’t fuck with him.’ It happened to A.I. It happened to me. It happened to a lot of guys and it’s definitely happening to Melo.”

“If anybody today said Melo is not better than 60% of the players in the NBA right now, they’re a damn liar. And it’s personal. Melo definitely belongs in the NBA and he definitely got blackballed, it ain’t a secret man.”

Barnes adds, “To me, he’s probably the most disrespected Hall of Fame player we’ve seen on the way out.”

Check out Captain Jack’s thoughts on the Melo situation in the video clip embedded below.


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