Steve Ballmer Gets Way Too Excited At Clippers Opener And Rips Shirt: Watch


Steve Ballmer is among the richest owners in the entire NBA and has overtaken Mark Cuban as one of the more hands-on owners in the league. Ballmer can be seen in the stands at every game and he is just as energetic and enthusiastic as any fan out there. Ballmer has built quite a reputation for himself as one of the craziest owners in sports, simply because he is always yelling and flailing his arms around. It’s typically quite the scene and with Kawhi Leonard on his team, he will certainly have a lot to cheer about this season.

On Tuesday night, the NBA season started with a bang as the Clippers took on the Los Angeles Lakers. Ballmer was there and got to see his team pick up a 112-102 victory. Leonard scored 30 points and pretty well carried the team throughout the evening. The Clippers owner was so excited throughout the game that he even ripped his shirt at the elbow. Regardless, he continued to cheer as though nothing had happened.

If the Clippers continue to play this way, Ballmer will be ripping more than just his shirts. Perhaps his energy was subdued a bit since he was also surrounded by Lakers fans. Once the purple and gold clear out, we’ll be seeing a lot of Ballmer and his hilarious an wacky antics.

We can just imagine what he’ll do if they win a title.


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