Steve Harvey Says He’s “Happy” For Kelly Clarkson After NBC Replaced His Talk Show With Hers


Steve Harvey told Ellen during an appearance on her show on Monday that he does not hold any grudges against his NBC time slot replacement, Kelly Clarkson. After NBC canceled Steve’s daytime talk show, Steve, in May of last year and replaced its time slot with Kelly’s new show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, some might wonder if the seasoned host would be resentful towards Kelly, who has never had her own show before. However, Steve reveals that he has no negative feelings about the whole situation, mostly because he already found a new home for the show on Facebook Watch.

“I’m back on TV, you know,” he shared about the renamed program, now titled STEVE on Watch. “Everybody thought I was gone. But I’m happy for people. You know, I’m a person of faith, so when a door closes for me, I just walk up the hall. It’s more doors! You’ve just got to keep going up the hall…So I open other doors and I’m back on TV and I’m happy for everybody. I like Kelly Clarkson. I’m happy for her.” Steve continued these sentiments by sharing a funny exchange between himself and his friend. “One of my friends said, ‘Man, that’s really big of you to be happy for somebody who replaced your show,'” he shared. “I said, ‘No, I’m happy for her.’ He said, ‘So you watch [her show]?’ I said, ‘I ain’t that happy!’” Steve goes on to call Kelly, whose show was recently renewed for a second season, “cool people,” acknowledging that she had no say in replacing him anyway. Steve also discussed a recent viral video posted by his son that showed Steve grooming his famous moustache as well as his recent trip to Africa.


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