Steve Kerr Answers Whether He’d Leave Warriors To Coach Alma Mater


Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors have had a ton of success over the better part of a decade, however, these last couple of years have been difficult for the franchise as they have dealt with a plethora of injuries that have completely taken the wind out of their sails. Some have been using Kerr as a scapegoat for these problems and some wonder what his future will be with the team if he ends up not making the playoffs for a second-straight year.

Now, his alma mater Arizona is looking for a head coach, and today, Kerr was asked if he would ever consider coaching the team. While it would be fun for Kerr, he is mostly committed to the Warriors right now.

“I have thought about coaching my alma mater,” Kerr said. “But I have a great job right now coaching the Warriors. I’m not going anywhere, but I’m very interested in what happens. I have a lot of love for my alma mater and definitely want to thank Sean (Miller) for his 12 years of commitment to the school. He had some great years and did a lot of great things. I really am supportive of everything that the university is going to do going forward. If they need my help, I will offer my help.”

Even if Kerr was to leave the Warriors, one would have to assume that he would get a job within the NBA given the fact he has won three NBA titles. Regardless, Arizona fans can only hope, at least for now.

Steve Kerr

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images