Steve Kerr Gets Honest About Steph Curry’s Absence


Steph Curry is currently out with an injury and as any NBA fan could expect, this is not going very well for the Golden State Warriors. They are already without the likes of Klay Thompson, and without Steph, the team is just a shell of itself. As a result of Curry’s absence, the team is on a four-game losing streak and they don’t seem to be close to snapping out of it. It’s the harsh reality of the NBA, which is a league driven by superstars and superteams. 

While speaking to reporters, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke about Curry’s injury and how it has negatively affected the team. As he explained, the team just needs to dig deep right now and there are plenty of areas where the team can improve and remain successful.

Steph Curry

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“When Steph is on the floor, we just have confidence and swagger that’s missing when he’s not. And that helps our defense. If you go back over the last eight or nine games, we’ve had a lot of stuff. Whether it’s injuries, [COVID-19] protocol … [these] are all reasons — not excuses, they’re just reasons — that we’ve struggled. But nobody really cares. It’s just what it is. Every team’s dealing with all kinds of adversity this year,” Kerr said. “So this is a moment where we gotta sit back and take stock, and understand what’s next. And that’s what today was about, and as I said, we have a great opportunity to improve our defense and get back to playing at a much higher level and win some games.”

As of today, the Warriors are tenth in the Western Conference standings which means they are outside of the playoffs. This is a crucial time in the season and if they don’t get it together, they could be looking at a second-straight season outside of the playoffs.

Steve Kerr

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